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Default Heat Signature

So there I am, trying to infiltrate a spaceship to capture someone called Amandine Sunkins. I don't know, I don't ask questions. What's relevant is, there's an entire squad of guards sitting right outside the airlock. And this particular ship is in the middle of a warzone and likely to come under attack, so I'd better be quick.

So I slow down time and slip past. The guards rush to investigate the blur they just saw, while I run down a corridor, past a sentry gun and into another room. I disable the second sentry gun there, and then it occurs to me that I should go back and disable the first one so that I have a clear route for my extraction.

As I reach the first turret, my time dilation unit runs out of juice. My hyperspeed momentum carries me back down the corridor and into the line of sight of the very confused guard squad.

Well, nothing for it. I smack the closest one with my Concussive Hammer.

The second guard has a personal shield, which blocks all incoming fire. I have a Subverter, which will make his shield reflect his own shots back at him. I feel very pleased with myself as I Subvert his shield and run away... right into the line of fire of the turret.

The guard, presumably slightly bemused, nevertheless knows exactly what to do with an unconscious prisoner. He picks me up, deposits me in the airlock, and flushes me out into space. I start remote-controlling my pod ship in an attempt to recover my slowly asphyxiating body. With the intruder alarm triggered, the ship will reach its heavily fortified destination in under thirty seconds, so it's looking like this mission is a bust.

While I'm flying the pod, I hear a distant rumble and the screen shakes. What was that, I wonder? I pick myself up and fly back towards the target ship. Oh, it's on fire. And there's another ship shooting at it. And... yes, there's an entire squad of guards who've been vented out of a broken window, including the guy I was meant to capture. He tries to hit my ship with his sword as I fly past. I scoop him up and fly him home to jail. Mission accomplished! Accidentally.

Heat Signature is a very good game and I recommend it.
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