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Default The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC Port

Hello Zelda Power members! I am new here and as my first thread in this forum, I would like to ask for your help.


If ya'll want BOTW on PC with improved graphics, framerate, and perhaps even mods please sign.

I am tring to spread this link (No pun intended) to all Zelda based fansites to get as many people to sign as possible. I however was met with some criticism and foul language on one particular fansite. Here's some of the quotes from the post I'll quote: "Nintendo isn't willing to work with Microsoft", "It will decrease the sales of the Switch", and "It will give the PC master race an excuse to not buy a Switch". The last two are valid points, but the first one is a lie because fairly recently, the Better Together Update for Minecraft was released. Why is this important? This update allows players who are playing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition to play with people who are playing on a Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, which are both Microsoft products.


If you want Breath of the Wild to see new life on PC, sign this petition. And if you don't want to sign the petition, that's okay, just don't post any hateful comments.
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Default Re: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC Port

nintendo doesnt need to work together with microsoft to port a game to pc because windows is an open development platform so your minecraft point doesnt really disprove anything

it certainly doesnt disprove that nintendo doesnt want to publish on pc because all they did was give microsoft access to their development platform to publish a microsoft game because microsoft asked for it

nintendo doesnt need to ask microsoft permission to put together a pc game because thats not how pc works as a development platform

nintendo will never port a zelda game to pc for many reasons but the main reason you should have thought of is this one

theyve never done it in the past and there are no new circumstances that would make it more beneficial than it has been in the past

i mean all youre doing here is debunking reasons for them not to do it but you dont have a single compelling argument on why they should do it and let me tell you 50 signatures on an online petition isnt going to make one
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Originally Posted by Phil
we really should of just listened to poe and done diplomacy
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Default Re: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC Port

I think the closest you're going to get with that is botw running on a windows-based emulator.
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