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Default The brain has an amazing natural capabilty and I wish to share it

I have created tunes and themes in my mind through pure emotion (inspiration) alone and nothing else. Music is something very emotional and all that is needed to create great and catchy tunes in your mind is just pure inspiration/emotion alone. The more emotion you channel in your mind, the better the tune you are very likely to create since it is that much more likely to be a more emotionally profound, powerful, and compelling tune. These tunes are, to me, catchy, compelling, and convey powerful and profound emotion whether that emotion be something that makes people want to get up and dance or something else. It's the melodies themselves that convey this to me and not just the instruments I've chosen. Even though I perceive these tunes as great and catchy, I do not know how others would perceive them. Just because I perceive them as great and catchy does not make it so which is why the feedback of others is so important. I have made some improvisations over the last tunes I have created and, hopefully, these new tunes will convey what I describe them to be.

My melodies might also be very basic, but it is well known that even basic melodies convey powerful and profound emotion. Haven't you ever listened to a simple theme or tune that was catchy, famous, and conveyed something powerful and great? So, here are my new tunes. I am only sharing to you the tunes I am making for now and not fully perfected songs. I think I have some great, catchy tunes and that was what I was wanting to share for now until I become a professional composer later on who is able to create fully perfected songs. I am currently a complete beginner at composing and have yet to learn. Nonetheless, our brains are still more than capable of creating any great work of art in our minds whether it be tunes or landscapes. Even people who are not artists or educated are able to have dreams, psychedelic trips, and near death experiences where they witness whole new artistic landscapes whether it be heavenly and hellish landscapes or music. These are crafts that skilled artists themselves would create. Therefore, our brains are already natural artists and they can already create amazing masterpieces on their own.

That is how I was able to create these amazing tunes in my mind. I did not require any education, training, dreams, psychedelic trips, or near death experiences to pull it off. All that was needed to bring out the brain's amazing, natural, artistic capabilities was pure inspiration alone. Using the brain's amazing natural capability, I can create any next best amazing theme whether it be the next best Zelda theme, Super Mario theme, or any theme in general. Even though I am perhaps a savant mentally since I create these amazing tunes in my mind, the problem arises when artists such as myself attempt to convey their envisioned masterpieces in the real, physical world. In order to successfully convey your vision, then that might require much knowledge and training on how to do it. Or maybe not. I really don't know. Maybe there is a shortcut (a way for me to successfully convey my themes now). That is why I am sharing to you these amazing themes I hear right now despite not being educated and trained. Hopefully, these amazing themes will become coherent for the listener and their great and catchy power conveyed.


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Default Re: The brain has an amazing natural capabilty and I wish to share it

Niiice matt you're getting so much better, this stuff is really hard to do especially learning it all on your own from scratch

Im really impressed and happy for you,

Some quick advice: Im sure you've noticed that every now and then your abilities seem to "level off" for a while, this is NORMAL you just have to push through those periods (keep making stuff) and eventually you'll figure out a whole bunch of new things in a short amount of time and get much better very quickly, but you have to keep trying
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