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Default Assistance is Needed

I know that many of you don't know me that well and I am not around other than to drop in here and there, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to ask for the help of strangers.


I made a gofundme page, something I've never done and never planned to do. Never in my life had I imagine I'd be in a situation where it might be my best option. I've donated to plenty, but it's weird being on the other side of things. I've been dating this single mother for a tiny bit less than a year. She is wonderful and her son is adorable. He just turned 1 at the end of June. So far her life has been a disaster, horrible childhood, and two abusive marriages. I've been working with her a lot to get her life back together, but I've given up most of all I have, and it just hasn't been enough. She is a single mother in the Army and I can tell you it is one of the toughest things I've ever seen. Being a single parent is rough, my own mother was for a short while, but to be in the Army too is a whole other ballpark.

I could go into the whole sob story, but I'm not going to put her on blast, just ask for whatever tiny donations you'd be willing to chip in, or just maybe spread it around to some of your other friends or associates. I really don't expect much, but sometime the power of the internet is far stronger than I imagine.

I thank you all for your time and whatever way you decide to help out if you wish.
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