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Default E3 2017

I think I know the answer to this, but anything catch your eye at this year's E3?

I'm of course excited for the Zelda DLC, and Mario Odyssey looks weird but interesting. Glad they're bringing Rocket League to Switch too.

What else grabbed people's attention?
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Default Re: E3 2017

Mario Odyssey does look super dope, I might have to get a switch eventually

other than that the only video game I'm sort jazzed on is Destiny 2, not based on anything they showed at E3

mostly just the bungee pedigree, and a hope that they figured out how to actually make a big replayable loot shooter after faceplanting the first time through

Originally Posted by Poe the Great View Post
the only thing id like to say in regards to it is that like ive said before i think it bears reminding that white or i guess in this case cis babyism is a thing that shouldnt be trivialized
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Default Re: E3 2017

Yeah, Nintendo had a good show. I've already got two copies of Rocket League, but it looks like I'll be getting a third.
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Default Re: E3 2017

you may have a problem symuun

and that problem is: not enough copies of Rocket League

Originally Posted by SageofFire View Post
I hope your community rots along with it's rotten users.
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Default Re: E3 2017

That Dragon Ball game looks pretty awesome.
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