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Default A Brief Visitation

*XxXSparklePenguinXxX is now online*

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> hey everybody

<Steveo> hi katie

<Entropy Squared> Hi Katie

<Steveo> hows it going?

<Entropy Squared> No exclamation marks today? Everything OK?

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> ummmmmm

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> steve have u looked out of ur window recently???

<Steveo> come again

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> like u live in new york right?

<Steveo> yeah but not the city if thats what you mean

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> but near there???

<Steveo> yeah i guess

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> ok will u look towards the city for me?

<Steveo> uh, sure I guess

<DangerDonut> wtf is this about

<Steveo> holy shit

<Entropy Squared> ?

<Steveo> and you knew about this before me how exactly?

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> lol

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> bbc news front page

<DangerDonut> fake news

<Entropy Squared> huh?

<Entropy Squared> oh, that's funny, BBC got hacked

<Steveo> not even a hack dude

<DangerDonut> fake news

*Steveo uploaded file: Camera_Upload_227.jpg*

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> we are not alone!!!

<Entropy Squared> Well.

<Entropy Squared> Shit.

<DangerDonut> FAAAAAAKE


<Steveo> dd you literally live in brooklyn

<Steveo> stick your fucking head out of a window

<DangerDonut> like fuck am i walking all the way out of the basement just to look at some big dumb fake nothing

<Entropy Squared> Steve, have you thought about maybe getting out of the area?

<Steveo> what no way

<Steveo> this is like

<Steveo> a defining moment in human civilization or sth

<Entropy Squared> It just seems like a very... volatile situation. You know?

<DangerDonut> wtf how gullible are you people

<Entropy Squared> It might not be safe.

<DangerDonut> first ghosts now this

<Steveo> im not gonna run away from the site of first contact though

<Steveo> and if they are gonna wipe out all of humanity then tbh id rather be gone in the first wave

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> ummmm actually dd its not very polite to call them ghosts, they r not spooky & some r our friends

<DangerDonut> will you

<DangerDonut> SHUT

<DangerDonut> THE FUCK

<DangerDonut> UP

<Entropy Squared> DD why are you even here?

<DangerDonut> i ask myself the same question every day buddy

<DangerDonut> there is NOT a flying saucer hovering over new york city

<DangerDonut> that is stupid and impossible and why would one even do that

<Steveo> its moving

<Entropy Squared> Steve, please at least get under a desk or something

<Steveo> its going up

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> still there on tv :S

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> oh wait there it goes, lol, must be like a delay in the broadcast

<Steveo> I think its gone

<DangerDonut> jesus what the fuck was that

<Steveo> must have been one hell of a noise huh dd

<DangerDonut> dont talk to me about fucking noise

<Steveo> it cracked a window pane out here

<DangerDonut> i dont even know if i have a house upstairs still

<Entropy Squared> NASA accounts tweeting that they lost track of it after about 30k kilometres

<Steveo> what its just gone now?

<Entropy Squared> guess so

<Steveo> so uh what exactly the fuck was that then

*Lady Grey is now online*

<Lady Grey> Morning, all.

<Lady Grey> What's new?

<Lady Grey> Oh.

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> hi lg!!!!!!

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> how r u?

<Lady Grey> Er. Fine, I guess?

<Steveo> hey lg

<Lady Grey> I remain unvisited by extraterrestial explorers, so clearly my day is starting out less interesting than some people's.

<Steveo> yeah pretty rad huh

<DangerDonut> that is not what happened

<Entropy Squared> Then what do you think happened?

<DangerDonut> fuckin

<DangerDonut> mass hysteria or some shit

<DangerDonut> some weird isolated thundercloud

<DangerDonut> government misinformation

<DangerDonut> terrorists

<Lady Grey> I wonder why they left?

<Steveo> probably snooped on dd's wifi connection and thought "fuck this, humans aren't worth it"

<DangerDonut> fuck you

<Steveo> whooosh, off to alpha centauri or wherever the fuck, let's go find some actually intelligent race

<DangerDonut> aliens would fucking worship me

<DangerDonut> they would be all, it is our long lost god, the prophecies spoke of this moment

<DangerDonut> teach us the ways of the donut oh master of humans

<XxXSparklePenguinXxX> maybe they couldnt handle ur holy aura dd LOL!!!!!!

<Lady Grey> Well, show's over, I guess. Whatever it was.

<Lady Grey> I'm going to go make another coffee.
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Default Re: A Brief Visitation

dd still best donut

D - O - G - A - R - S
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Default Re: A Brief Visitation

is steveo tom and not me now?

Originally Posted by Poe the Great View Post
On the Nightmare Network Our names are unknown and our faces are shadows drifting across an infinite blackness. Our voices have been stifled to a soft murmur in a madman's ear. We are the proud failures with only a single joy left to us to inflict rampant damage on those who have fed themselves on our

dreams and to choke ourselves on our own nightmares. In sum, we are expediters of the apocalypse. There is nothing left to save, if there ever was anything . . . if there ever could be.
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Default Re: A Brief Visitation

Shit, that makes me realise I've made a grievous continuity error. Steveo lives on the West Coast, not the East. This should have happened in Seattle or San Francisco, and it would have made a lot more sense for LG's time zone as well.

I'm sorry for letting everybody down. Please unread this short story and forget it ever existed. As DD has already helpfully indicated, it's really dumb anyway.
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Default Re: A Brief Visitation

I'm interested. Please, continue.
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Default Re: A Brief Visitation

Shan't. It's just its own thing. It grew inside my head like a parasitic worm and kept scratching and scratching to get out. I don't think it's even "canon", whatever the hell that means for a continuity consisting entirely of one self-published experimental novella.

I keep prodding and poking at the concept of a proper novel starring LG, but I just can't make it work. It's not her fault, there's a whole person sitting behind that keyboard that I really want to expand on, but I can't find an interesting story to fit her into. Maybe some day.
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