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Default New Game Idea

Alright, basically, I got the idea for this game while playing Melee and fighting against my brother with link... and he had link... and the sudden flash of brilliance popped into my mind: A zelda fighting game. This game will not just essentially be a fighting game, you'll have a quest mode where you go after enemies and such, battles, the whole nine yards, but there will be a multiplayer mode where you can fight your friends old school link style. (Remembers the good old days...) Er... sorry. Anyway, graphics will be Zelda II graphics, selection of characters (Link, Dark Link, Bagu, Knights, Skeletons, ect) each with their strengths and weaknesses. I have the movement engine nearly perfect now, there are no bugs in it whatsoever. Theres no "you jump into a block and stay connected to the block forever" or "wow, I just went through a wall..." and not even the most evil of the bounch... the "HEY! each level has the animations at a different speed". Anyone that has Multimedia Fusion and wants this engine, I'm willing to let you use it, with my name in the credits of course... but from everyone else, I just want your input on concept. You'll be able to do upward and downward thrusts, crouching, spells (to an extent), all of it. If you have an interest in helpin out (Could use a spriter... could use one alot. I'm good, but I don't have much time), it would make the game come out a lot quicker and you'd get respect... sorry, not payin' no one for nothin'. Later.
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Default New Game Idea

Wait...like sword fighting from OoT and the like?
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